DOWNLOAD : Rose May Alaba – Go Down Low Ft. Young John (Prod By Young John)

Rose May Alaba – Go Down Low (Prod By Young John)

Rose May Alaba – Go Down Low (Prod By Young John)

Rose May made her mark as quite an established singer and songwriter in Austria, and now it seems she’s set her sights on the Nigerian music industry. Her latest song ‘Go Down Low’ is as refreshing as it is catchy.

Grab your dancing shoes and hit the dance floor with Rose May as the crooner encourages you to “do your thing”. Go Down Low is slightly different from your typical afropop hit in the way it subtly draws you into dancing. The simple lyrics are catchy and easy to follow, and producer Young John provides the perfect instrumental; upbeat enough to move to, but not so overpowering that one feels compelled to over-exert themselves.

Rose May and her interesting take on Afropop are definitely a welcome addition to the industry, and we’re excited to see and hear more.

Listen to Go Down Low here

DOWNLOAD Rose May Alaba – Go Down Low (Prod By Young John)

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