Mr. Purplemusik Anticipates New Single “Them Say” Set To Drop Soon

As music remains a prime world unifier, more talents continue to emerge in the African music space and each day, discoveries takes center stage. With so many music released yearly, Nigeria still holds a big place in the birth of so many well recognized songs in the world. With the likes of Wizkid, Burna Boy and Davido leading the way, talented stars like Mr. Purplemusik is a worthy mention when the conversation arises for what the future holds for African music.

Godwin Isaac popularly known as Mr. Purplemusik is a Nigerian talent that has been making big moves and releasing songs that have been clinical in delivery standards. With his first single “For You” already a phenomenal track with a classic video shot in Ghana and produced by Na Mastergazy, the artist’s second track “African Girl” came handy with the track grossing positive feedbacks from fans. “African Girl” was a collaborative effort that sees Mr. Purplemusik teaming up with Kelvyboy to create a masterpiece.

The Delta state music genius is on a new wave as he has teased and announced the coming of his latest body work which has been the anticipation of many of his fans. The track which it’s titled has been revealed to be “Them Say” featuring Baseline Boil is expected to hit stores and music blogs in a short time from now. Snippets and more details about the song are expected to be made available on his social pages presently or eventual.

So while the wait continues, stay glued and follow up on all social media platforms to get more announcements first and accurately.

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