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Nigerian singer, rapper and songwriter, Ink Edwards premieres brand new music titled ‘Preacherman’, today, September 11, 2018.

Ink Edwards has been putting in efforts to stay atop his pears in the music industry with his approach and style of music. ‘Preacherman’ is another unique and iconic song from the talented act.

‘Preacherman’, produced by Ink Edwards’ longtime friend and versatile music producer — Galactic Beatz and Deuciix beats, is a heartfelt song that expresses his gratitude, however, asking to be taught the path to inner peace and happiness, despite his many successes.

Ink Edwards samples Owen Fitzpatrick’s “Mind Control”, gets additional vocals from Wandy and Darasimi Dyce who poured out their souls on the song to add to its beauty.

As many would thought Ink Edwards is trying to delve into gospel genre due to the title of the song – ‘Preacherman’, which means “a preacher of the Christian gospel”, what Ink Edwards puts forward is totally beyond the layman meaning, he reflects on the present day society that’s filled with depression and whoopla.

The artwork of ‘Preacherman’ totally captures what the song really means, a lonely man thinking about his state… despite being successful. This can be said to be what many people are facing in the society of today. What else can make a man who has achieved many things in life depressed?

Well, success doesn’t guarantee inner peace and happiness, hence, to live a fruitful life, it is important to know how to create your own inner peace and happiness in whatever situation you find yourself.

Ink Edwards leaves you to unknot the rest of the hidden messages in the track by listening over and over until you get all the pieces together.

DOWNLOAD INK Edwards – Preacherman

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