Vibez Inc – Gatti Ft. Seyi Vibez & Dwillsharmony

Well known sensational nigerian singer, songwriter,composer CEO and founder of Vibez Inc Seyi Vibez has come up with a brand new exquisite amazing song he titled “Gatti”, which he collaborated fast rising sensational Nigerian singer ,songwriter and composer Dwillsharmony on this amazing song.

“Gatti” is an amazing song filled with lyricism, melody captivating chorus that ought to enlightening your mood and give you that grooving vibe in no time.

Meanwhile the song serves as a highlight of his forthcoming project soon to be released titled “Vibez Inc Mixtape Vol.1” an album to be watched out for.

So don’t miss out on this amazing song stream and download and don’t forget to follow and like our page for more information. Enjoy!!!

DOWNLOAD MP3:Vibez Inc – Gatti Ft. Seyi Vibez & Dwillsharmony

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