Son of Ika Jamokay – Sango ft. Fela 2

Son of Ika Jamokay – Sango ft. Fela 2

Son of Ika Jamokay – Sango ft. Fela 2 MP3 Download Audio

Nigerian Talented singer and songwrite Son Of Ika Jamokay links up with street favorite pop Star Fela 2 to deliver this amazing jam titled “Sango.”

Eventually, the amazing new melody is a fantastic tune that will undoubtedly find its way onto your Playlist

The lovely new Song has an amazing vibe and we’re excited for this one

Listen to the brand new single below and enjoy!

DOWNLOAD Son of Ika Jamokay – Sango ft. Fela 2

1,298 thoughts on “Son of Ika Jamokay – Sango ft. Fela 2

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